Saturday, July 01, 2006

6 Days to Go

OOOOO poo... TD06 starts in six days... do you know how scary that is...

Im and emtional reck...

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Pint Of Manga....

Just a few old comic I used to do... I might redo them again... but here is the 3rd issue because the previous to issues are just plain old crap ...

12 Days - A Headache and A Designated Driver At Hand!

Only 12 more days until the big convention (Tomo-Dachi 2006). I can not wait but I also can. For I am the receptionist for tomo-con -_-....

Oh the pain and the stress I have to endure when people start walking though the doors... but the amount of money will be handling will be tremendous. *_* (thinks about it). Oh the responsiblities... I will be the first face attendees will be meeting... I hope im not to ugly.....might scare some people away... must find form of casual were that make me look like im serious...

List to find:

Glasses - Check
Blazer of some black description - Check
My red square neck tee-shirt - Check
and nice black trousers... - must buy a new pair...

what i wear on my feet wont matter because well..... people wont be seeing my feet.

200 - 300 people is scary to say the least... Heh, Colin and Dani think they have a headache...

Anyway I have my assistants...

It's only 11 days until Paul (aniki from and Dani go to pick up Miss Tiffany Grant (aka Asuka in Neon Genisis Evangelion) and Matt Greenfield. Paul is our driver...and I don't get to go...

Monday, June 19, 2006


Last Friday Morning, say about 8am I took myself, Dani and Owen to the hospital. I had Stomach pains like nothing normal... so sore... Se we got the taxi up, the nice man only madeus pay him £3.50, which is quite cheap. Any I made a mistake and I told the guy to leave us off at the Out Paintents ward...not a good thing if your crippling in pain. So as I groaned my way through the hospital having a stabbing feeling in the pit of my stomach (I blamed the ribs I had the nigt before... I might have swallowed a piece of bone T_T). Anyway, talk about the worst Hospital is Ireland... These guys love taking blood out of the most akwards places.. my bloody hand... not the soft part of it but the bloody topside, I bruise like a peach, not to mention the hygiene of that hospital is below standards. They did even ask me to make sure my hand was clean before they took blood from me. Oh I had to urinated on my hand... pee samples.... pee samples.........

They came to the conclusion that I had spasms in my stomach and mild depression... the NHS's excuse for everything... now im on tablets...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I hate Internet Explorer!

I was working on a really pretty oekaki and boom my IE goes stop...

Give me fire fox any day.

Progress on Peach Bite has stopped for the moment. I am experimenting. I probably will change the first page. I might make it a web comic.... I dont know just yet.

Anyway, for those who remember A pint of manga. I may add it as Omake at the end of each chapter.

As Tomo-Dachi is concerned, I hopefully will get my comic completed by then. I hope, that means I can sell it at the convention.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sony PS3 Price Announced

Sony have announced that the full-featured “premium” PS3 will be hitting UK shelves this November (if the worldwide launch goes to plan) for the low low price of £425 - which, at $800+, works out significantly more expensive than the $600 US launch price.

Those of us in Northern Ireland are in a slightly better position than most of the UK, however; the price of the console in the Republic of Ireland will be €599, which works out around £25 cheaper than the UK price we’ll be paying here - most of the cost of a game to go with your shiny new machine.

Resource - Anime NI
Naruto UK details confirmed

Some more details about the upcoming UK release of Naruto are available in the June issue of Neo Magazine, according to Anime UK News.

Studio Pierrot’s ninja action series will debut on Jetix (Sky channel 609) on July 22nd at 6.30pm, and will be shown daily with repeats at 9pm. The first DVD will be available from Manga Entertainment “before Christmas”, although no concrete date has been set. The Naruto manga will also see a UK release at some point, through the UK Shonen Jump distributor Gollancz.

Reported By: Anime NI

Am all excited... finally a decent anime on sky...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Oekaki Board

I got me an oekaki board today to go with the blog.

The Adress is .

If you Have it In your heart today... join it and use it...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Unamed Comic
So this is my unnamed comic, I toned it myself and drew it myself... I might just post it up here... this is page 1 ... its un complete...

I wont give you the story jsut yet....
Converting To Buddism
It is interesting when a antheist gets fed up with no morals in life and she wants some direction.

Myself being an atheist has reached this point and I want some direction in life. I have looked at many religions but Buddism seems the right way to go. I like the Buddist look on life and the fact that Dani, my fiance is Buddist, helped the fact.

I am annoyed at the fact that some people I know say I shouldn't become a practising buddist because I am not Asian, I am not a religous person and the fact that I am an Atheist. Most of these people are Atheist themselves, so I believe they need to grow up a bit. It's not like im gonna to become a nun of anything.


There are three main traditions of Buddism. Theravada, Mahayana and Zen I think. I am not sure which tradition I wish to follow yet, so I shall study them a bit more.

Going To See My Family
Ahhh... the freedom of heading down to my home town to see my littke sister, brother and granny is thrilling... I miss them sooooo much.... particuarly right now at this very moment. It is so hard being away from them when I need the additional emotional support.

I hope my granny woods is feeling better after suffering from Phenumonea in both lungs, it was quite a scare. My fater was so upset. I think they were just glas when i finally came down to see them. I should be a better daughter, granddaughter, etc.

I hate living up here in Derry, at the minute I wish to move back to Portadown, but I don't want to leave Dani. I would ask him to come with me But I hate asking him to Portadown because he always says no. It's not fair.

From the very start I have always made effort to come up and stay for a while then eventually I moved up here to be closer to him. I love him very much but he needs to give a bit more with my side of the family.

Dani if you do read this. Please don't be upset. I'm just to much to a coward to say to you BUT I still love you no matter what happens.

I just needed to get that off my chest....
Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog. I will pot as much as I can on hear and keep you in line with whats going on.

As you know i run Design Universe. I am looking staff members. Just leave a comment and I will email you.

Okay the reason I named my blog Peach - Girl... is pure randomness... and everything at the minute is less than peachy... but im not gonna turn this into some sort of emo blog. Don't worry.