Monday, June 19, 2006


Last Friday Morning, say about 8am I took myself, Dani and Owen to the hospital. I had Stomach pains like nothing normal... so sore... Se we got the taxi up, the nice man only madeus pay him £3.50, which is quite cheap. Any I made a mistake and I told the guy to leave us off at the Out Paintents ward...not a good thing if your crippling in pain. So as I groaned my way through the hospital having a stabbing feeling in the pit of my stomach (I blamed the ribs I had the nigt before... I might have swallowed a piece of bone T_T). Anyway, talk about the worst Hospital is Ireland... These guys love taking blood out of the most akwards places.. my bloody hand... not the soft part of it but the bloody topside, I bruise like a peach, not to mention the hygiene of that hospital is below standards. They did even ask me to make sure my hand was clean before they took blood from me. Oh I had to urinated on my hand... pee samples.... pee samples.........

They came to the conclusion that I had spasms in my stomach and mild depression... the NHS's excuse for everything... now im on tablets...


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